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In My Skin



Trapped in this new me, but I feel so free.

As I explore and discover…reveal and uncover – myself.

I could never see the ease in life, because the alligators were in my way.

Hiding the true simplicity of appreciating each day.

And as I let go

And stopped caring about what I didn’t know…

And told myself to stop thinking and just flow,

I realized that life doesn’t happen yesterday or tomorrow.

And by regretting and foreseeing…I was living in sorrow.

That there was so much more,

To do and explore…

And now I feel freer – than ever before.

Because wherever I go – well there I am.

And regardless of if I begin with a plan…

What will happen will be,

The day will reveal things to see…

And I’ll deal with the challenges and do what I can.

But the living in fear of what might or not be –

Is no longer the destiny that I want for me.

Because though there will be challenges – often and real,

I can live in my moments – and feel what I feel.

For tomorrow might bring things I don’t find okay,

But why would that stop me from living today?

I have a great skill,

And a much greater will…

And can truly make wonders from perceived disarray.

But I thought this confidence was so far away…

When it was waiting for me to say I was okay,

To forgive and to heal

Look at myself and be real,

And then it would join me on this brand new day.

But now that I have it, and can see things anew…

And know that life’s moments are fleeting and few.

I’ll do what I can,

For once be a man…

And do what feels right for myself, and not you.