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A Picture vs. 1,000 Words

So I feel bad for not closing out the 2008 with some witty blog post about life.  God knows I had a lot of material.  But two things happened.  First of all, I decided to start saving the Emo stuff for my personal journal (you’re welcome).  And secondly, Greg got me a camera for my birthday – and I am obsessed with not sucking at taking pictures (which for some reason, I do).

But how dare I leave you, my imaginary blog reader, out in the cold?  With no insight as to how I spend my mediocre days?  For shame.  So here are a few of my recent attempts at the depths of photo journalism…

So why the obsession with photographs?  Probably because Greg is practically a pro – with his super human lens, ultimate camera, and middle of nowhere upbringing.   Now everything feels like a competition.  Running the lake? Let me grab the camera.  Going out to dinner?  Let me grab the camera.  BART commute to work?  Not without my camera!  Even though it’s bright green, and I have to replace the batteries every few days, this camera makes me feel like a somebody…or at least a cool tourist.

I’m just not so sure I’m enjoying my gift as much as I’m trying to earn my boyfriend’s approval with it.  But then again, his other gift to me was the chef’s companion for the kitchen.  So I guess I have to spend a little bit of time stressing about my cooking skills, too.