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So I won’t get into details, because it’s not completely my story to tell.  But I will say that my brother is facing hard time, and I’m freaking out.  I can’t decipher if I’m more broken hearted over the fact that I didn’t take advantage of all of the opportunities he created to kick it?  I was usually to busy.  Is it because he was already somewhat self-isolated from our judgemental family?   Communication is a two way street.  Or am I more pre-occupied with the family that he is going to be separated from that I haven’t been much of an uncle or btother-in-law to – and will guilt get the best of me?   I’m still not interested in babysitting. 

I just can’t belive this has happened.  My brother is not a statistic.  He is an amazing father, a loyal friend, an entrepreneur, a tradesman, a stoner, and a loving man.  He is also stubborn, impatient, superficial, and  eccentric.  But he’s a pretty bad-ass package nonetheless.  His imagination just doesn’t have the discpline or follow through, and a good team mate is hard to find – so he gets caught up.  

I just wish my family were more like the Wayans’.  Because our lives are definitely “In Living Color”.  From God-drama, to relationship drama, to baby momma drama – we are chock full of anecdotes, heartbreak, and irony.  All the good makings of a prime time hit.  And we are all sarcastic bastards, so we would have cutting edge jokes, too.

The thing about our bunch is that we don’t stick it out with each other.  And that we all want to individually prove to our parents how  success we are.  SO much so that we set ourselves up for failure by planning in a vacuum of secrecy.  Not open to the feedback and support of a strong and complimentary team.   We all want to make it big so that we can make our family proud (and hook them up), but we all have our unique brands of drama that hinder our cooperative genius.

But when I’m hanging with my brother one-on-one, or when I call my sister to swap relationship drama rants – everything is perfect.  Their common experience of our parents (though we were raised in different eras) is similar enough where some things just go unsaid.   Our common experience as Quinns in the world gives us the connectedness we need to face the drama of our days.  And considering the formidable mountains we all face, it’s nice to have someone in your corner who gets it.

And where are the parents in all of this?  Riding a roller coaster that swivels between Tough Love and Prodigal Sons.  Wondering where and why daughters went wrong, how what and when sons managed to pull those capers, and what chapter in The Bible they missed when raising this holy bunch of hooligans?  But they did get things right.  We all have the most beautiful hearts.  We all thrive when we make others happy.   We respect others and have stable work ethics.  We stress out over making sure our partners are satisfied (ok, so what if we are high maintenance too?)

I guess the point is that WE deserve the multi-million dollar franchise.  Not the Wayans.  Well maybe they deserve it because they have initiative.  Maybe because they are all identical twins.  Or maybe because there just haven’t been enough Scary Movies or Epic Movies or Whatever the hell movies they are making.  

I guess I’ll just continue to play my supporting role in the un-filmed epic of my family.  And hope that our prime time prayers and miracles come true.



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