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How can I be sad when I’m the one who broke it off?  Feeling like every sad love song you hear and blast when you’re going through drama, but in reality I’m the person you’d be singing shit about.

Maybe love only hurts when it’s not what you expect it to be. Or maybe I’m just realizing what I lost.  The loneliness is creeping in, and I have to get to know myself all over again.  Have you ever been such a work-aholic that you didn’t know what to do with free time when you got it?  Well now the 1 person in my life who got to see a side of me not at work, isn’t in my life.  And I’m feeling the loss of way more than a boyfriend, or just booty.

He was the one who had access to the realities of my crazy ass scenario.  And sitting here alone, with the empty walls staring back at me – I’m realizing how loud it is in my head.  And how off centered I really am. Was I co-dependent?  Was I clinging to the one good thing in my life?  Was I in a pothead like stupor?

I have tons of time to figure that out.