I am a commitment to love. To being a transformative person; one who can make magic from minutiae. I turn oppression into opportunity. Hardship into hope. Strive to treat others as I hope they’ll treat me – and still treat them that way when they don’t. I am letting go of expectations, but embracing my standards. I will allow myself space to make mistakes. To be human. To experience and not suppress my emotions. But I will always choose love, faith, and joy over negativity when given the opportunity. I will fully embrace the journey of becoming who I am – and let go of waiting to breathe until I “get there”. I will aways plan for tomorrow, but never forget to live today. I will always believe in the power we all have as individuals, but never allow you to forget the oppressive and draining context that we mutually inhabit; at least, not until we’ve changed it. I am an ally. I am a source of comfort. A mentor. Willing to learn with you from my mistakes and lift your successes up high. I am because you are. And what I am, what you are, what we are all capable of being if we allow ourselves to be – is fabulous.


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