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Doe Eyes

If I’m upfront about the lack of chemistry or attraction; clearly staring into what could only be described as “doe eyes”, I’m presumptuous. “What if I just wanted to be friends?!” (But you didn’t…)

If I assume platonic friendship, and you make a move that I block, I’m a tease? “You could’ve said something sooner…” (Or you could take a hint)

What’s the right balance to strike when someone’s head won’t let him comprehend non-verbal communication, and simultaneously blocks his ability to engage in verbal communication?

I’m out there in this dating game just like you. Trying to wade through all these crazy heifers looking for some kind of meaningful, two-way, Pixar type of love connection with a side of HBO. But let’s face it: every date is a gamble. And if we aren’t a fit, I’m still going to try to spare your dignity so you can keep your head up enough to stay In the game! Its not a courtesy that’s common, at least not one that is typically extended to me – so be grateful. I’m doing it for you.

No more sympathy extensions. Dragging the one-way courtship out to “spare” your feelings. And no more pity sex either. Don’t get me wrong; I think you’re valuable, worthy of being loved, and destined for greatness – even if its not with me. But not being a romantic fit doesn’t mean we can’t be friends. community. brothers. Contrary to popular belief, some homo friendships do start, evolve and come to their sunset without sex.

But a lot of guys don’t see it that way. Ego, cloaked as Rejection, that old bitch, rears her ugly head. “Fuck you too.”

I guess. But why would either of us hold the other back from getting closer to the men out there just waiting to be the perfect compliment to each of our unique brands of crazy?



I am a commitment to love. To being a transformative person; one who can make magic from minutiae. I turn oppression into opportunity. Hardship into hope. Strive to treat others as I hope they’ll treat me – and still treat them that way when they don’t. I am letting go of expectations, but embracing my standards. I will allow myself space to make mistakes. To be human. To experience and not suppress my emotions. But I will always choose love, faith, and joy over negativity when given the opportunity. I will fully embrace the journey of becoming who I am – and let go of waiting to breathe until I “get there”. I will aways plan for tomorrow, but never forget to live today. I will always believe in the power we all have as individuals, but never allow you to forget the oppressive and draining context that we mutually inhabit; at least, not until we’ve changed it. I am an ally. I am a source of comfort. A mentor. Willing to learn with you from my mistakes and lift your successes up high. I am because you are. And what I am, what you are, what we are all capable of being if we allow ourselves to be – is fabulous.


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